"Perhaps the best place to start with French photographer, Olivier Valsecchi’s work is to pull it right back to the immediate and the raw. Minimal, dynamic and focused, so that amongst that primordial swirl of energy resides the meat and bones of being human. It speaks of breakthroughs, rebirths, mortality, survival and surrender. Those epic themes that lie well beyond the confines of words.
His works are something you feel with your eyes. Whether it’s the power released in a first breath, the sinew that articulates a struggle, a resurecting curve of the spine or the gasp of an outstretched hand. Life and its deepest emotions contorts the body beautiful. And like any master of their craft the technical audacity is a quiet backstage hand. You get caught in the work as a whole before noting the deft hand that carves the light in a classical chiaroscuro, or the dance like play between focus and movement that seems to direct the piece with the sharpness of a knife. Like any true master, impeccable skill is glossed over with a sense of ease and spontaneity." (Kim Triebsee for Beautiful bizarre, Australia)







Olivier Valsecchi [valseki] was born in Paris, 1979.

Contact : olivier.valsecchi@gmail.com